You will take part in a guided wine tasting at a winery dine in conceptual restaurants, enjoy the breathtaking views.

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Some of our most wonderful memories are the experiences!

A glass of the same wine tastes differently at home then at the winery from which it came from. The colours, the light, the smell, a random gentleman or lady become part of the composition of our memories. Just like in a perfectly painted picture!

I will take you to places that have fascinated me for 20 years, where you will eat like never before, where you will taste extraordinary wines, or where you will feed your eyes and soul with breathtaking, inspiring views.

If you are interested in a specific area or subject, I can create a tailor-made trip for you. I also travel with people who want to explore the region, thinking about moving, or just seeing places they haven't known yet. I discover at least one new place every two weeks, so I have a thousand ideas.

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-what's happening in Portugal  

-what places are worth visiting 

-what to eat, what to drink

-whether there are any special offers on flights

Prawdziwa Portugalia!

Experience the real Portugal! Discover the charming atmosphere of the Portuguese countryside!

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