Setúbal Peninsula
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What will we do?

Time: 8h

Where do we start? I pick you up from your hotel, and take you for coffee to a certain mysterious establishment where Lisbon intellectuals ate breakfast in the 1960s. This place hasn't changed much in 40 years, charming in its design and atmosphere.

Vasco da Gama Bridge 
A trip to the Setubal Peninsula is a kaleidoscope of unique experiences.

The journey itself is fascinating as we start by crossing the Tagus River, driving 17 kilometres on the Vasco da Gama Bridge. 17  kilometrów mostem Vasco da Gama .

7 Grilled Fish or Rodizio de Peixe aka the Fish Round! Then the fish round awaits you, a visit to a conceptual restaurant where you can eat up to 7 types of freshly grilled fish for a single charge. You'll discover a whole new world of different textures, tastes and smells.

If after lunch you are still able to handle it we can go for a quick bite to eat oysters. Fresh oysters taste like the ocean, worth trying on one condition: they must be fresh! Here at the ocean they are always fresh!

Serra Da Arrabida. Feed your soul by driving along serpentine roads through the Serra Da Arrabida foothills. I won't write about it because it's indescribable!

Wine tasting! There are several wineries to choose from. Each offering a slightly different experience. Dusty enchanting cellars, fields of grapes, fascinating stories, and the option to taste several versions of the drink of the gods!

The Cristo Rei Monument. Finally, you'll get a look at Lisbon from the site of the 100m statue of Christ the King from 1959.

This is a proven plan that guarantees great memories , but if you have other preferences, let me know. I can make a customized tour of your interests.

What is included in the price?

  • Pick-up from the hotel
  • Complete transportation
  • Guide (that is my humble person 😁)
  • Commemorative video from a drone

What do you pay for yourself?

  • your bill at the restaurant and bar 
  • the wine tasting



- departure from Lisbon via Vasco Da Gama bridge

- lunch - fish round

- a quick snack of oysters (optional)

- drive through the Serra Da Arrabida mountain range

- visit to a local winery with a guided wine tasting (there are several options to choose from, much depends on how far in advance you make your reservation).

- return via the 25 Abril bridge with a pit stop for a glass of Muscatel at the monumental statue of Christ the King (Cristo Rei)

Monument to Christ the King
The 25 Abril Bridge

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